Purpose Power Summit – May 24 – A Virtual Event


How do you move from simply being a purposeful company to being a company whose purpose drives your business? That’s the subject of the 2022 Purpose Power Summit. It’s become clear in recent years that higher purpose is vital to the future of companies large and small, established and new, even if leadership teams and your ultimate success are still measured on business results. The good news is that more and more research shows that higher purpose has a strong link to business outcomes, both inside and outside companies.

This year’s Summit will go beyond the typical high-level series of presentations and discussions about purpose. Instead, in typical Inc. fashion, it will drill down to offer more practical information, advice, and even instruction for purpose activation that gets results, such as:

  • 3 shifts in leadership style that make purpose actionable
  • 5 rules of successfully engaging employees with higher purpose
  • Real-world lessons from top company leaders who have driven business impact through purpose

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